Color-Bind – A Unique Puzzle Experience For iOS

The puzzle game genre is vast and there are tons of games that you can try from the App store. Some of the best games are always hidden from plain sight and you may never discover them until you come across on the web. Color-Bind by Vexigent, LLC is one of those games that you must try if you have a liking for matching colors and scoring high points. It dives into the best possible scenarios and challenges that will keep you hooked on for hours.

Content and Features

The way you play this game is very straight-forward and simple. The aim of the game is to keep matching the same color tiles and score as many points until you get all the 3 Blue Tiles on the board. Honestly, there is nothing more to do here but it is good enough to enjoy the minimalistic gaming experience if you are a fan of that. You can check the leaderboard from an option on top of the interface and see where you stand with your scores. The game includes 3 difficulty levels and you can choose from – Easy, Medium and Hard. The only difference here is that the number of tiles keeps reducing with the rising difficulty and everything else remains the same.

Display and Appearance

The game does have the old-school puzzle feel to it, but it doesn’t have anything out of the box in terms of design. It is very basic and the color scheme is decent enough for the player to adjust with the gameplay. All in all, the game will keep you engaged and the playability is very smooth and there are no lag issues.

Final Verdict – The game is a good time killer and really transparent as you don’t have to scratch your brains for your next move. It’s a fast-paced game that delivers good entertainment and challenges and will tend to keep you engrossed until you score the highest points. The game is available to download on iOS and if you like the game, do give us your feedback in the comment section.

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