WhatsApp Updates The Latest Version Of iOS And Android App With ‘Stickers’

WhatsApp has released the new ‘Stickers’ feature for all iOS and Android users. The users of this popular texting app can now send stickers to their contacts and it is similar to the stickers that we see on Facebook and Messenger. The Stickers are available on the latest version of WhatsApp and if you don’t have the feature yet, you can update the App to get the 2.18.329 version on Android and 2.18.100 version on iOS.

WhatsApp has been introducing a lot of features lately and they are aimed at improving the overall user experience on iOS and Android. The company will be rolling out the features gradually for both the OS platforms this week. The stickers are a great addition to the App as it was pending since a long time and users had been waiting for the feature till now.

For Android users, the feature can located with an option on the keyboard in the Emoji menu. From here, you can select a sticker from the WhatsApp Stickers and click on the send button. For iOS users, the new Sticker button can be accessed on the chat bar under the emoji button.

The users will have a set of 12 Sticker Packs to start with, they will include Cuppy by Minseung Song, Salty by Alisa Kryzhanovska, Komo by Sanat Rath, Bibimbap Friends by Pete Ellison, Unchi & Rollie by nu1t, Shiba Inu by Aiko Kuninoi, The Maladroits by Cole Ott, Koko by Hanasake Picture Inc., Fearless and Fabulous by Ann Shen, Banana by Jayde Fish, Biscuit by Ghostbot and Hatchby Hatch.

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