Google Home Mini To Come In A New ‘Aqua’ Blue Colour

Google has officially announced that the Google Home Mini will feature a new ‘Aqua’ color ahead of the company’s launch event in October. The device will be available for $49 and the new colour will add to the collection of chalk (white), charcoal (dark gray), and coral (red / pink).

Google says the Aqua colour reflects the ‘minty blue color that fits perfectly into the Made by Google family and it emits soothing vibes.’ The company wants to make a good impression withe new Home Mini and wants it to blend with the customer’s home and make it much better compared to when it was launched last year. The new Home Mini will be available from October 29 and will be available for $49.

The Google Home Mini is expected to launch along with the new Pixel 3 devices, the new smart Google Assistant touchscreen device called Google Home Hub and a few other devices in the same personal assistant category. Google says the new Home Mini device will come with much better configuration and will offer a 70 percent improvement in volume output.

The smart home speaker segment faces a tough competition between Amazon and Google, where Amazon had recently announced a range of new smart home speakers. The Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot are the best selling speakers in the market now, where the Home Mini has topped the charts in Q2 2018 with 2.3 million units in sales. Xiaomi and Alibaba are also making huge efforts in the smart home speaker market as the use of AI assisted devices is slowly gaining popularity in China.

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