YouTube Adds The HDR Option On iPhone XS And XS Max

iOS users got a new update today for Youtube, where they can now choose to view the video in high dynamic range (HDR). This will also support the newly launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The new version 13.37 shows the HDR tag next to the resolution information under the video settings.

HDR enables for a wider range of colors in a video to be displayed on a compatible screen, such as is the case for the Apple TV 4K and a supported HDR-enabled 4K TV. The effect can allow for a brighter, detailed, and more vivid picture, with less color banding and other digital approximation artifacts.

The highest resolution for the iPhone XS model is 1080p and users can now watch the videos in complete HDR for both phones. The HDR support was not available on the launch day of the iPhones, where people started noticing that they could not play the HDR videos which could be played on the iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, and iPad Pro. Also, Apple had added the support for last years iPhones in May, which shows that the company time before launching the fresh updates.

HDR support is great for the new iPhones but the 4K support is still missing and we expect Apple to introduce it soon. Also, the content on the Apple TV can only be viewed at 1080p as the codecs requires less bandwidth for high-resolution videos. So, Apple has to still consder this because we already have the 4k viewing option on Android devices.