WhatsApp Gets New Features On iOS

WhatsApp has rolled out an update on iOS bringing new features in the iOS version 2.18.90. The updates were first reported by WeBetaInfo. These new features for Apple users include a Notification Extension and a search for Status tab. The update is only available for devices running iOS 8.0 and later, where the Status tab feature is available only on iOS 8.0 or later while the Notification Extension feature is only available for iOS 10 or higher versions.

The Status tab feature gives you an easy access to the status of your individual contacts, where you can find and view the status of these contacts quickly. The feature is already present in Android and now available for iOS users.

The Notification Extension feature is superb and it will let you view images and GIFs directly from within their notification panel. The best part is you can make use of 3D touch, just swipe left on the notification and tap ‘View’ and see the preview of that image there itself.

One more feature is now available on iOS, which is not mentioned in the changelog, is the Suspicious Link Detection feature. This feature will basically tell users if any viewable link is fake or malicious. WhatsApp will automatically check these links and notify the users if they are suspicious with a ‘suspicious link’ tag. After looking at the tag, the user can decide whether to open the link or go back. The Status tab feature and the Suspicious Link feature, both are running well on Android and we expect the same for iOS.