Top 5 Newly Launched iOS Apps

Looking for new Apps on the App Store may sound easy but when you look for Apps of a certain genre, you won’t possibly know which of the new Apps you should be checking out unless someone suggests you to. App Store is a factory of hidden gems that could be Gaming Apps, Productive Apps, Food and Drinks Apps and much more. We have made a list that will help you find the best newly launched Apps on the App Store.

One Bite

This is a pizza delivery App where you can check for reviews of celebrities and your friends and also type in your own reviews for over 56,000 restaurants. You will get all the details on any restaurant of your choice with all the photos, phone numbers and address. Order from the top ranked pizza restaurants near you and get your money’s worth from One Bite.

You can download this App for free from App Store.


A great App to increase your daily productivity with all your important tasks and events structured in a timeline. You can organise the times for multiple tasks in a day manually or use the auto-schedule feature that magically does the organising part for you. There are plenty of other features, where you can make your own folders, list for specific tasks and add your own tags. This is a must have App if getting better at stuff and becoming successful is your top priority.

You can download this App for free from App Store.

Fiete Math Climber

A memory based arithmetic game for kids where they have to solve each task to move up the levels. For every game, your kids can win coins which can be used to unlock new characters. The puzzles will help kids to get better at mathematics and score well in their school grades. The math puzzles range from easy to tough and kids can even skip the levels if they find it difficult to solve. All the parents out there should definitely download this game and help your kids gain confidence in maths.

You can download this App for $2.99 from App Store.

Art Set 4

For all the artists and painters out there, this App is going to blow your mind for sure. It houses professional tools for painters of any background and lets them deliver realistic art with more than 150 exclusive brushes on offer. Customise your art with the Saturation, Brightness, Recolor, Invert, Contrast and Blur adjustments and take it to the next level with high-resolution canvases.

You can download this App for free from App Store.

Magic Sequin

Magic Sequin is a fun loving drawing App in which you can create anything that comes to your mind and share it with your friends on social media platforms. You have access to loads of different colours and textures, which will get your creative juices flowing. The App UI is pretty simple and follows a minimalistic design, and is well suited for both adults and kids.

You can download this App for $0.99 from App Store.

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