Top 3 Video Editing Apps For iOS

iPhone is a great device to shoot high quality videos in HD an 4K, with a camera that’s getting powerful with each passing year. Apart from the camera quality and resolution, you also need an equally powerful video editing software which will give you the best video rendition possible. The main concern here is you you can’t decide which App to use for your area of expertise and you eventually get frustrated with so many softwares that are available on the App Store. We are here to help you fix that and here is our list of the three best video editing Apps for iOS.


This is the stock video editing App from Apple that is available on all the newer iPhones. Very powerful and simple to use and is preferred by several video makers who use an iPhone. Although many would like to go with a powerful editing software on a Mac, iMovie does a decent work on the iPhone and is suitable for those who want to quickly edit and publish videos on the move. The features like adding transitions in the videos is really cool, while slicing and arranging the clips to wherever you want to is also possible. Other additions are Themes and Filters, which can be handy as well and can be implemented in certain parts of the clips.

Download from the App Store for $4.99


For those of you looking for a better option than iMovie, Videoshop is definitely for you. This App will give all the editing power on your hands, with the ability to record clips directly from the App and then instantly have it on the screen for editing. It is easy to trim unwanted video clips and add music and filter/ themes after you finish editing the video. Although most of the features are ready to use in the free version, some of them are only available in the PRO version.

Download from the App Store for $1.99


If you have ever used a GoPro camera, you sure know how efficient and reliable it is to shoot action sequences. Well, Splice is a video editor from GoPro and it is the fastest video maker you can lay your hands on. It uses an advance feature called ‘Hilights’ where you just need to mark all the important points in the video, add filters and then Slice automatically combines them into a clip. You can share the video easily on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube and also save it on your phone.

Download from the App Store for Free.

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