The Highest Selling Phone in India Right Now – JioPhone

In a recent press release, Reliance Retail has revealed that the JioPhone has become the largest selling phone in India. The JioPhone was launched by the company in 2017 and since then it has outsold every other device in the Indian market. The JioPhone works incredibly well on the 4G network and it can be purchased for the amount of Rs 1,500. The cost is actually a deposit that is refundable after three years on return on the handset.

The company revealed more on these statistics and said that eight out of ten phones sold that are priced at Rs 1,500 or less in India are JioPhones. Also, users have been estimated to spend more time on the in-built applications and internet on the phone and the number of voice command requests on the phone have been over 5 times more than any smartphone in the market.

The JioPhone is undoubtedly very successful and is making a niche with the popular smartphone brands like Samsung, Apple, OnePlus and a few others. It is totally dominating the economical phone market and helping more and more people connect in India at cheap rates. The JioPhone offers great value to the users with the video and music streaming that’s available on the phone along with the social media apps.

The company also added the most popular web-based messaging app WhatsApp to the JioPhone recently. The thing that makes JioPhone appeal to the Indian consumers is the affordable Jio plans that offers high data plans with free calling and SMS all over India.

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