Snapchat Users Are Having a Rough Time With iPhone XS Max’s Camera

Snapchateers have been complaining on Twitter about the camera on the iPhone XS Max to be of very low quality. The frustration came from the users of both iOS and Android devices, who said the performance of the new iPhone was below average. This comes after Apple introduced the camera on the new iPhones at the recently concluded launch event.

Users reported that once they unboxed the new iPhone and opened Snapchat, they could not click high quality and crisp pictures like they expected to. Instead the images came out to be very dull and one of the users said the photos appeared to be zoomed in. Some users also the complained the camera quality comparable to that of an Android device, which says a lot.

Users on Twitter addressed these issues:

The camera quality is “hot garbage”

Snapchat photos looked like they were “being taken by a potato, the quality was so bad.

PLEASE tell me you’re currently developing your app to support iPhone Xs Max phones. I’m sick of looking like a zoomed, pixelated blob,

Snapchat seems to have taken note of this issue and will be working on an update soon. They responded to few of the complaints on Twitter and said “Thanks for letting us know! We’re always working to improve the Snapchat experience on both platforms. Please keep an eye on your device’s app store for new updates! In the meantime, we’ll share the info you provided with our team.”

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