Snapchat Copies Instagram’s Boomerang Feature, Calls It ‘Bounce’

Snapchat users can now use the Bounce feature, which is quite identical to Instagram’s Boomerang feature. This feature lets the user to loop the entire recorded clip which is common in the world of Instagram. Just how Facebook and Instagram started copying Snapchat’s Stories feature two years back, Snapchat has done the same and made Instagram’s Boomerang feature into something of its own.

Snapchat’s Bounce can be used after the user has made the Snap by tapping and holding the the infinity icon that appears at the bottom of the options menu. This will open up the Bounce slider which will contain the entire video and you can select the begging and the end of the video that you would like to loop on the Snap.

The only thing that separates Bounce from Boomerang is that you can only loop the video on Instagram and cannot select the beginning and the end. But overall, Bounce is really similar to Boomerang and seems like this new Snapchat feature won’t have much impact on the users. Snapchat had recently launched a feature which allows the user to keep the messages active for 24 hours. So, this feature can be turned on in specific chat windows and keep them live for 24 hours which used to get deleted previously after your friends read the messages.

The Bounce feature is surely amazing and you relive all your best memories over and over again. You can keep the entertainment going on by capturing all the cool moments with your friends and share with all your subscribers on Snapchat.

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