OnePlus Is Making Efforts To Boost Offline Sales In India

OnePlus entered India in 2014 and since then the company has climbed the ranks in the premium smartphone market and is currently standing on the top spot. India accounts for one-third of the global revenue for the company and they are planning to take the offline sales in the country to the next level. This will help increase the user base for the company as they are also planning to setup a research and development centre in India.

OnePlus aims to cover top 10 cities in India where it believes to hold almost 70% of it’s customer base. Currently, the company has has seven authorised stores and two experience stores in the country and is planning to setup 14 offline sales points which would include large-format experience stores as well as stores in tie-up with its authorised partners.

In an interview, Pete Lou who is OnePlus’s founder and chief executive officer said “Different markets have different futures. In Europe and America, we only have the e-commerce market to sell our product but in India we also have offline experience stores. The price of our device is about ₹40,000. Comparatively speaking, it is a huge sum of expense for a family. So the user may like to experience first and then purchase.”

According to the market researchers, OnePlus topped the global shipments in the April-June quarter, thereby beating Samsung and Apple with a 40% lead in the market. There are a lot of Indian users from the middle class section, who are looking to upgrade their phones to premium phones with their ever increasing income and aspirations. With this motive, the company believes it will get them featured on of the top 5 smartphone brands in India soon.

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