iPhone XS and XS Max Have Shorter Battery Life Compared To iPhone X

The iPhone launch gave us the most powerful new iPhones that are the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max among others. Though the price tag is pretty expensive, we got to see some incredible new features being added to the new iPhones where the iPhone XS Max comes with the biggest ever 6.5 inch display on an iPhone. Though, some of the recent benchmark tests have revealed that the iPhone XS and XS Max may just fall short on the battery.

What everyone fears could actually be true with the new iPhones because the benchmark tests revealed that the battery life iPhone Xs and XS Max is poorer than the iPhone X that was launched last year. One of the tests done by Tom’s guide reveals the following statistics:

iPhone XS Max – 10 hours 38 minutes
iPhone XS – 9 hours 48 minutes
iPhone X – 10 hours 49 minutes

If you compare this with the battery life of iPhone X, you see that it is nowhere close to what Apple claimed that ‘the battery life on the new iPhones would last up to 90 minutes longer than the iPhone X.’

The battery on the new iPhone XS is a 2,659 mAh battery which is smaller than the battery on the last year’s iPhone X which had a 2,716-mAh battery. This could also be a factor to be considered for the poor battery in the XS. There are other factors like the software and processor where the new iPhones come with A12 Bionic chip which is supposed to be more faster and efficient than the previous A11 chip as claimed by Apple.