New iPad Pro Leak Shows Off New Design and Features

A new image has been leaked on the internet of the next iPad Pro, revealing what the new iPad has in store in design and features. Leaked by @OnLeaks, the new images are renders based on the factory computer aided-designs. Although they may not be 100% accurate, they provide the only sneak peek as of yet of this iPad. In general, they show smaller bezels surrounding the screen than the current iPad, meaning that both the home button and fingerprint access have been dumped in favour of a wider screen. We can only assume that the new iPad will therefore incorporate Face ID to unlock the device, much as previously rumoured. Another feature of immediate note is the metal backing fixed with antenna strips and a single-lens camera. Given these leaks, what can we expect from the iPad Pro 3?

An additional button and no port

The Smart Connector feature has been moved to the bottom of the iPad’s back, and the right edge features the traditional volume keys with the addition of a mystery button. The power button remains on the top edge with the speakers. The bottom of the iPad features a charging port and two more speakers, but appears to be lacking the traditional 3.5mm headphone port.

Face ID

Adding Face ID makes the all-screen iPad more of a reality, doing away with the home button. The display is likely going to remain an LCD construct rather than OLED, but the small bezel will likely be able to hide the display driver on the top or bottom of the LCD screen.

Tech Specs

In terms of tech specs we don’t have much to go on. All we know from the leaks is a single lens camera adorns the back, potentially with an improved camera sensor. The iPad Pro 3 may also be powered by an A11X Bionic chipset, but we’ll have to wait and see. Wi-Fi connectivity may potentially be improved with the leak’s containing twice the antenna that the current iPad has. If true, this must indicate a faster, more effective Wi-Fi connection.

Sizing and Appearance

Leaked sources further suggest that the new iPad Pro will measure 280.60 x 215 x 5.85mm, meaning that its frame is more compact than the previous model. The leaner border / bezels will account for this lost space, but overall we can expect a slimmer and compressed iPad. Furthermore, the back edges appear to be straight rather than curved, making a marked shift in the aesthetic of an iPad.

Bottom Line

Of course, all of this should considered as rumour, but given @onleaks track record for accuracy we will likely see this device when Apple hosts an event on 12th September. We’re also likely see a trio of iPhone’s, one of which was also leaked by @onleaks and the mobile phone comparison site Tiger Mobiles earlier this year as a successor to the iPhone SE.