Huawei Will Launch Its First Foldable Smartphone in 2019

At an innovation and technology summit in China, Huawei deputy chairman Ken Hu announced that the company will be launching a 5G foldable smartphone somewhere around the middle of 2019. This will also be the first 5G phone from the company as most of the carriers around the world will be switching to the 5G network next year.

Talking about 5G network, Hu said that it will be 100 times faster than 4G networks and 50 times more responsive. The foldable smartphone will be something innovative from the company to which Hu added:

In our first 5G smartphone we’re going to introduce a foldable screen. The roadmap for our industry on the device side of 5G is to launch the smartphones next year. Huawei, we will launch our first 5G smartphones in mid-2019. They will take advantage of 5G networks with faster speed and lower latency. So let’s imagine, with much faster speed – 100 times faster than today – you’re going to enjoy an amazing high-definition video experience with a big screen on your smartphone.

Also, 5G is speculated to consume more battery so it does make sense to pack in 5G into the foldable phone, which would have good space to hold a larger battery. Huawei’s announcement for the foldable smartphone comes very early and it indicates that the company wants to keep putting pressure on Samsung. Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S10 phone in 2019, but the company has confirmed that it wont be its first 5G phone. Thus, it will be interesting to see in which direction Samsung plans to go with 5G.

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