Google’s ‘Pixel Stand’ Charger Animation Has Leaked Online

We are not far away from Google’s October 9th launch event, and we have yet another leak on the Pixel devices which could possibly be the new Pixel wireless charging stand. The animations for the Pixel stand reveals an upright charging dock that will also convert your smartphone into a Google Home hub kind of a device.

The screen animation for this charger was shared by 9to5Google, which show a charging base with an always-on screen that displays your reminders, image slideshows and notifications. The Pixel stand could be a good alternative for people who do not own a Google Home Max, which costs $400. But for those who already owns a Google Home Max or Home Mini, the stand along with the smartphone may be used a hub to control all the Google smart home devices.

Though the Pixel stand will be basically intended to be a wireless charging accessory, it could double up as an Assistant and help users read notifications and play music just like the Google smart home devices. It is still early to predict anything yet, but the animations do give a us an idea on the features that we can expect from the stand and there could also be a USB-C type connector on the device.

We also saw the leak of the Pixel charging stand before, where the user places the phone on the wireless charging device. But now, this seems to be not true compared to the info we now know from the animations. Google will also be launching the new Google Home Hub at the October event.

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