Google Will Help You Plan Your Trip – Google ‘Touring Bird’

Travel planner and vacationers around the globe will soon be able to plan out their holiday trips without much hassle. Google is bringing the new App in the form of a travel guide called ‘Touring Bird‘. This App is being developed by Google’s in-house start-up ‘Area 120’ and will help tourists with the list of tours, activities and attractions for all the popular travel destinations.

Usually, it’s not very friendly to search the internet for the best and affordable options for any place you desire to go for a vacation. Hence, Google is aiming to give all the travellers a pleasurable experience while planning and booking trips on this App. The startup describes the Touring Bird as “The App that helps travelers explore, compare, and book tours, tickets, and activities from multiple providers in top destinations around the world — all in a single place.”

Touring Bird currently supports 20 cities including Boston, New Delhi, Prague, Chicago, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Las Vegas and the website would expand to many other cities eventually. The App will be offering a ‘build-your-own package’ feature where users would be able to customise and compare filtered offerings by price and preferences, to find the best match to their plan, along with booking and cancelling provisions.

The Touring Bird team further said in a statement:

We’re a small team that’s brought together by a common passion for travel and improving the overall travel experience for others. Most of us have a background in building travel products at Google, and we’re all deeply passionate about solving real user problems in this space.

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