Google Is Rolling Out Parking Spot Suggestion Feature On Google Maps

For all of you who use Google Maps for daily navigation while driving your car, Google has just made things easier for you with the addition of parking spot suggestion feature. This feature is being gradually rolled out across all Android users and it will apparently help you find the best parking spot nearby your desired location.

The feature works in an amazing way. It will show you the parking location in between your road trip and tell you to add a stop on your route for recommended parking locations. But there is a twist to this as you will have to act immediately to the prompt before it disappears. Once you miss it, you will have to probably wait for the next prompt.

The feature will also give the users an estimate on the time required to reach the parking spot and also the time required from the parking spot to the selected destination. The surprising thing is that the users cannot disable the feature from the settings and Google has not officially said anything if it will be adding the option to disable it.

Many Android users have reported about the parking suggestion popping up suddenly on the screen while they are on their way while driving. Also, iOS users have reported to get the parking notification while using Google Maps. Recently, Google Maps also added a new elevation feature on iOS which shows you the elevation chart for a particular route. So, if you want to walk or cycle through a specific route, you will know exactly how tough or easy it would be for you.