Google Renames Feed As ‘Discover’

Google is rebranding Google Feed to ‘Discover’ after recent reports that suggested the company is experimenting with the overall design and features on Feed. Last year, Google Now was renamed to Google Feed which focussed more on the news than just the search feature. The tech giant will be introducing the Discover section to the mobile search site as well.

For the regular users of Google Feed, Discovery will open up more ways to explore content and news. The design is new and will feature new new topic headers that explain users what they are watching in that particular content on the screen. You will be shown more relevant news and content based on your reading/browsing habits. There will be a separate header for each set of stories and you can wish to find more links by tapping the header.

Karen Corby, group product manager, Search, Google said:

New topic headers explain why you’re seeing a particular card in Discover, and whenever a topic catches your eye, you can dive deeper to explore more on that topic. You’ll continue to see content from a range of sources on any given topic, helping you explore new ideas surrounding your interests

Google Discover will have support for multiple languages and will rollout eventually across many countries. The Android users are starting to see the update to Google Discover with many evergreen articles to their surprise. Still, you can choose to see more or less of this content by telling Google and you can also block the content you don’t want to see.

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