Google Is Working On A Floating Keyboard For Android

Google rolled out a new update for Gboard Keyboard App last night and there is a new interesting hidden in there. The users who received the update noticed a floating keyboard that they can switch on and take the keyboard to any part of the screen. Also, the floating keyboard can be tapped on and glided away as you wish to.

The floating keyboard can be accessed by pressing the G icon at the top of Gboard. You just have to tap the icon and you can grab the keyboard by a small handle and move it to anyplace on the screen you want. Also, you can drag the corners of the keyboard to make it larger or smaller.

The floating keyboard is much like the one-handed keyboard on Android, which was added by Google many years ago. The feature would let users to reach the keys more easily if operating the phone with just one hand. So in this case, the ability to position the floating keyboard anywhere on the screen is ver much beneficial if using a large phone like the Galaxy Note 9. If you don’t want to use the floating keyboard, you can get back to the usual typing by dragging it to the bottom.

Although the Android users would love to have this feature, currently it will only be available for very less time and will probably disappear once you use it because it is still in the Beta stage and we still don’t know when Google will officially release it.

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