Camera On Google Pixel 3 Will Support Google Lens In Real-Time

If you use the Google Lens App regularly, you have to use the Lens App and cannot use it by simply opening the camera App. But this could soon change, as we have got a leak which shows the Lens functioning in real-time on Google Pixel’s camera. The animation in the leak shows the camera app is used to capture the information from a business card, identify that email address and then open Gmail on the phone.

A video on the Pixel 3 camera was leaked by a user named @IshanAgarwal24 on YouTube, from where the animation for this feature came up. The user had earlier posted few other details on the upcoming Pixel 3 phones. The user had actually deleted the video but XDA Developers somehow managed to grab the news and publish it.

The Google Lens standalone app is useful to search for and perform various other actions with the camera. You just have to point out the camera at anything you like and Google will make use of AI algorithms and the powerful Google Search to give you additional information or out forth a set of actions based on your request.

Pixel 3 users will be able to toggle on the Lens feature by locating the ‘Google Lens suggestions’ under settings. The feature will make it faster for the user to access Lens rather than having to opening the standalone App, and we may get to have the complete details of the feature at the Google event on October 9th.

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