Apple’s New iPhones May Have Dual SIM Cards

A new leak on the China Mobile’s Facebook pages shows an image with the illustration of an apple with two SIM cards poking into it. This indicates the new line up of iPhones from Apple may come with dual-SIM card support. When the Chinese text on the image is translated into English, it reads out ‘New Apple with dual SIM?’ and has more information regarding the benefits of dual-SIM in the smaller text.

The news from the social media account of Chinese Telecom gives an affirmation that it could be true and we will see dual-SIM tray on the new iPhones soon. We also saw another leak on the dual-SIM option recently and it showed us the images of iPhone in the colours of Red, White, Blue and Rose Gold and especially the dual-SIM tray which caught everyone’s attention.

Apart from this unique illustration fro Chinese media, there was also a leaked ad with an image of iPhone and two SIM cards that read “New iPhone coming soon, dual SIM support, I’ve been waiting for you.” The leaks could not be exactly true as there is lots of false information floating on these Chinese platforms, but there have been speculations about the dual-Sim tray as early as July which described an iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch OLED display along with dual-SIM support.

One the other hand, Apple’s plans for dual-SIM could be only aimed for Chinese markets because of the competition the company has been facing from the rivals like Oppo and Huawei. Still, the dual-SIM support may well make the iPhone more flexible like the Android phone and help users have the freedom to use two SIM cards.

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