Apple Watch Could Get The ‘Always On’ Feature, Shows New Apple Patent

A new patent from Apple has emerged which shows the company may be working on the on-mode for the future line up of Apple Watch. The Apple Launch event is around the corner and this patent brings in fresh new glimpse on what could be on offer with the new Apple Watch Series.

The on-mode has been the number one requested features by the Apple Watch users according to the comments ad discussion of Reddit users. One of the Reddit posts talks more about this feature and goes deep into the fact whether it would be logical to add the always-on mode on the Apple Watch.

One of the comments from the thread read: “If you’ve worn a normal watch for any length of time you’ll realize why people are clamouring for an always-on display. It might not seem like a big deal but in practice it’s so much more convenient to look down and always have the time visible.” and another user says: “The Series 3 lasts for three days, so they’ve worked up some flexibility with battery life.”

The biggest challenge Apple would be facing with the always on display is the battery life. Although, Apple already makes use of low-power time display it could use a dim grayscale mode to show the time when you’re not actively using the watch.

We will get to know more about this patent at the Apple launch event on September 12th, where we could also see the launch of a new Apple Watch along with new iPhones and MacBooks.

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