Instagram Adds Browser Notification Support

For Instagram users who use the App on the browser, the company is now adding support for notifications and you will be notified on the browser just like the Instagram’s App. Reports show that the support for Chrome has already been added and the other browsers like Firefox and Safari have also been confirmed to have this feature.

The news for the Chrome support came from Android Police, who mentioned that when the user logs in on Chrome they ‘can turn on notifications for when they get new followers, likes, or comments’. Sources say that the feature is also being tested by the company on Instagram Lite, which is a lightweight version of the Instagram App.

The Instagram team is working hard to bring the same experience as the mobile App, which is why they are adding more features to the browsers since over the past few years. Although, the mobile App is the best way to experience the social media platform, the company wants the browsing experience on a Chrome or Firefox to be equally good and maybe even better.

So for users who somehow don’t have access to the mobile App and happen to login via the browser, Instagram will still help you get all the updates and notifications on your browser. You can scroll through the posts and videos and get all the notifications in real-time. Instagram will allow you to enable or disable the notifications under settings and set the preference for likes and comments as per your liking.

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