Snapchat Will Help You Buy Items From Amazon

Snapchat is taking a giant step in the e-commerce industry on a new partnership with Amazon. The company will integrate Amazon into the App’s camera for faster visual search of items. Users can search for items by pointing the camera towards it and this will direct them to a pop-up from Amazon displaying the same or similar product.

Users can choose to buy the product directly from the Amazon website once they enter the pop-up. The way you can activate this feature inside the App is similar to how you would activate the filters and augmented reality lenses for the front and back facing camera. Simply press and hold the camera screen and there you go.

Currently, Snapchat allows you to recognise music with Shazam, play with face lenses and play augmented reality games with the same press and hold function. Snapchat has started rolling out this new feature only to select users in the U.S. before everyone around the world gets to try it. Also, it would be interesting to see how Snapchat users will respond to this new feature after the backlash faced by the company this year for its redesign.

The visual search feature is not new for mobile Apps but it will add a whole new dimension to Snapchat. Also, the company will be generating a new revenue stream with Amazon affiliate payments and other associated revenue sharing agreements. Snapchat’s revenue has grown by 44% to $262 million in the second quarter of 2018 and the company is looking to find more ways to make money with a user base of 188 million users.

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