New Leak Shows What The Google Home Hub May Look Like

Ahead of the October 9th Google launch event, we are getting new information from a leak about the new device called The Google Home Hub, which the company might be launching soon. The device could be from the family of Google Home devices and the leaked images does show the familiarity with the fabric on it.

The device features a 7-inch smart LED touchscreen display, which looks like the combination of Google Home Max and an Android tablet. The back of the device has a physical switch to mute the device’s microphones and get a better look at the Smart Display’s base. The cloth at the bottom part of the Home Hub device is similar to what is found on the Google Home smart speakers.

The Hub also has a microphone with a physical switch at the back, which you can use to turn it it of. The base of the device will serve as speaker and the touchscreen display will help you with the Google Assistant features like checking for weather and upcoming commute along with other useful cards. The device will also let you stream music from YouTube, Spotify and Pandora.

However, what’s surprising is that there is no sign on on-board webcam on the device which may be because of the privacy and security concerns for the consumer. From what we know so far, the Google Home Hub device could be priced at $149 and will be cheaper than the competitors like the 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display which starts from $199 and JBL Link View that is priced at $249.

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