New iPhone To Be Called iPhone XC – September 12th

A new leak has emerged in the Chinese social media site Weibo, that shows the next iPhone that could be unveiled at Apple’s fall event. The leak suggests the three new iPhones could be called iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Plus and the iPhone XC. This could be in line with the rumors we have been hearing about the updated version of the iPhone X, a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD version, a larger version.

Recent reports also indicate that the larger iPhone would be called the iPhone XS Max and the upgrade to the iPhone X would be called the iPhone XS. The ‘Gather Round’ event is coming up soon and everyone is eager to have a look at the devices the company would be launching this year.

The naming of the iPhones does fall in line with the tonality of what the company usually does and these leaks could actually be true. The leak is a part of a Chinese carrier’s presentation which also lists the price of these devices. We might be looking at the price ranges: $699 for the iPhone XC, $900 for the iPhone XS, and $1000 for the iPhone XS Plus.

There is this other link posted on Twitter by Ben Geskin that shows the prototypes for iPhone XC and also gives an idea of the colours that could come along with it. The expected colours are Red, White and Blue.

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