Tackler App – A Tracker For Your Daily Fitness, Personal Goals And Finances

Changing lifestyles and habits is not simple and if you are leading a busy life it becomes difficult to manage time and follow your daily goals. These days we have many Apps that can help you tackle your bad habits and change life for the better. Tackler App by BW IT Consulting is one of the recent most additions on the App Store and it will help you sort out your life and work towards your goals efficiently.

Content and Features

The user interface is simple and you can quickly enter any data and track your habits, finances and goals. If you plan to quit smoking, simply start a new tracker on this App and enter the ideal number of days that will help you reach there and follow it everyday. There are load of other features like the time scheduling where you can setup your tasks for morning, afternoon or evening. You can make quick notes if you happen to remember something suddenly or setup the reminders with your own personal sounds. Tackler also keeps your data safe with the privacy lock feature, so you don’t have to worry about data theft or a hack. All the progress you make is tracked which reflects on the analytics tab. Also, the entire history is available for you to view the activities in the past weeks or months.

Design and Appearance

Tackler has a clear and simple design and users can find and search for their trackers and other App settings in seconds. The App supports color schemes which you can select based on your moods and carry on with your day on a positive note. The icons are cool but it looks very basic and needs to be more attractive.

Final Verdict

Life can change only when you make the effort to change it and Apps like Tackler will serve as a handy tool that will keep you focused in the journey. It is a good option if you are aiming to save money, loose the bad habits, get fit and take charge of your life head-on. The App is user friendly and very easy to operate and helps you track your goals and personal commitments under one roof.

Tackler App is available for download on iOS.

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