Rankout – A Highly Competitive And Ranking Based Social Media App

We all like to express our ideas, post our pictures and videos and share with friends on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Whether you accept it or not, people are increasingly looking to connect and socialize with more and more like-minded folks around the globe. Rankout App by SooNet is a fresh take on the social media platform with a unique concept. This App lets you do the usual posts, likes and comments like any other social media App, but also lets you earn points for all your activities and gives you a ranking. This way you can be competitive with your friends and keep climbing up the ranks everyday.

Content and Features

You can start of my creating your own page and eventually adding squad members. Once you start adding your posts like pictures and videos, the points are credited to your account and you are ranked globally in the App. This will make you visible to everyone on Rankout, thus getting you more points for all the like and comments that you bring in on your profile. You can discover other rankers in a separate tab and keep expanding your squad, play games with your squad and tag them on different posts, send messages that come with a time limit and disappear after 24 hours. It’s all fun but the only thing you need to remember is you loose your points instantly in case you reverse your activities.

Display and Appearance

The App’s interface is pretty effortless, with simple controls that makes it really easy to navigate around. The white colour scheme on the App is great and it goes nicely with all the icons and fonts. The feeds are shown in chronological order and it is fast to switch between the different tabs. All this being said, we still think the the overall appearance needs improvements since it does’t exactly give you social media feels like Facebook or Instagram.

Final Verdict

Rankout is an interesting take on the social media platform, letting you compete and rank among your friends that you usually cannot do on other social media Apps. Though the App is still in its early stages, the stuff you can do on Rankout is pretty impressive. It’s free of charge and available to download from the App Store.

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