Q2 2018 Of Global Smartwatch Market Goes In Favour Of Apple

After dominating first quarter of 2018 in the global smartwatch market, Apple has continued this incredible run in Q2 with a 41 per cent share. Compared to Q1, the Apple Watch shipments have grown by almost 37 per cent Year-on-Year in Q2. The UK based popular wearables company Fitbit stood at second spot with 21 per cent in market share, followed Fossil in the third spot with 4 per cent share in Q2 2018.

Satyajit Sinha, who is a Research Analyst, believes that the driving force behind these sales is Apple’s adoption of cellular connectivity. This goes hand in hand with the Apple watch and makes it the trendy device that you can see on people’s wrist or a fan’s Wishlist today. Also, the mobile operators can make hefty profits with the cellular connected devices globally.

The analyst further added “Battery-life is a constant concern with smartwatches, given their tiny batteries. However, Apple, Samsung and Huawei are consistently working to optimise the software and the overall design and adding components such as eSIM to make space for bigger batteries. The adoption of cellular Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA), technology especially LTE-M in smartwatches will also drive core use-cases in a smartwatch while boosting battery life.”

Looking at Androidwear OS, the users have still not made the shift compared to how the market changed with the launch of Android years back. The Analyst points out to the less focused and less intuitive UI on Androidwear OS for this setback. Even though Apple Watch Series 3 is ranked number in sales in both quarter of 2018 until now, the Apple Watch Series 1 still remains preferable by many users because of the non-cellular option on the device.

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