Google Assistant Gets The Bilingual Feature

Google announced that it is adding the support for two languages at once, that can be understood by Google Assistant. This comes ahead of the IFA tech show in Berlin, which will see Google Assistant dominating in every device and gadget on display at the event. This is no surprise as we have been watching the establishment of Google’s personal assistant in all the Google integrated devices lately.

The multi-language support comes as a relief to many because the user won’t have manually change the settings for the Assistant. Prior to this new feature, only English language was supported across all devices. Now, users can choose to select any two of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. The company aims to add more languages in the coming months.

The technology behind the bilingual feature was mentioned by Google in a blog post. The post explains the creation of a new language-identification model (LangID) that runs as soon as the software detects speech. The speech heard by the Assistant is processed in parallel and then transcribed in the two preset languages. This enables the Assistant to become receptive to two languages at any given time.

Lang ID also takes the frequency at which each language is used and the type of device it’s used within into consideration. This ensure to remove all the incorrect transcriptions and focus all the processing power on the correct transcript. Google says all this process may look complicated but it is absolutely necessary for the bilingualism to work seamlessly.