Now You Can Check The Time Spent Watching Videos On YouTube

YouTube has added a new tool for users to check the time they spend watching videos on a daily and weekly basis. This is in addition to many of the new tools the company is bringing to help users have full control on their daily viewing habits.

The ‘Time watched’ section can be accessed when you go inside your YouTube account. The section will show the amount of time the user viewed videos that day, the previous day, and over the last week. With this new update, YouTube is joining the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple who are constantly trying to better the usage habits of users and give them an overview of their viewing activity.

YouTube announced the ‘Time watched’ feature in a blog post, saying “Our goal is to provide a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to best fit into your life.” YouTube shows all these stats by scanning your watch history, which if you have kept off it needs be turned on at all times to get the best results.

The user’s activity from YouTube Music and YouTube TV will not count towards the overall time watched. YouTube already has some of the features that help you set limits to the time you spend, focus on important stuff and disconnect when required. This includes tools which tell you to take a break if you keep watching extensively, silence the notifications between 10PM and 8AM and choose a time during the day to get the notification pings on your device.

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