BiggerPicture App For Mac- Quickly Fix The Resolution Of Your Pictures And Images

BiggerPicture App is an application for Mac that lets you increase the resolution of images that you have downloaded or have in your computer and also useful when you cannot find the original raw pictures. The best part is you can fix the images within minutes, with multiple editing options at your disposal. The App also makes use of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so you won’t have to worry about blurry images anymore.

Content and Features

This App allows you to enlarge the images by 8x and adjust the pixel width and height. This comes in handy while editing the wallpaper images that is downloaded from the internet which are usually small in size and blurry. The App integrates with the Photos App on your Mac through an extension, which is absolutely beneficial if you want to edit these pictures inside the Photos App itself. The good thing is you have full control to edit your own images without having to go to a professional artists to alter them. The Noise Reduction option will help you to get rid of compressed parts in a low-res JPEG files and Batch Processing is pretty useful to edit and enlarge multiple images simultaneously in crunch situations.

Design And Appearance

When you open the App, the design isn’t so eye-catching and looks really simple with a minimalistic interface. You have the Dark Mode available, if you prefer working in a different setup other than the default White theme. Users won’t mind if the overall interface is given a face-lift, which will definitely go hand-in-hand with all the features that BiggerPicture has to offer.

Final Verdict

BiggerPicture is completely free to download and use on your Mac, but it also gives you all the tools that are in par with the professional grade picture editing softwares out there. We think it is a superb application to correct the resolution and size of images and get the desired results, thus saving your time and money in the long run.

You can download the App from App Store.

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