YouTube Is Slowly Rolling Out The Fundraising Tools For Creators

Now, there is an easy way for creators to start a fund raise with the new tools unveiled by YouTube today. The collective name for these tools is YouTube Giving and includes the options for fundraisers, community fundraisers, campaign matching, and Super Chat for Good.

The creators can simply put up the donate button on their videos and their fans can contribute to the fundraise by hitting this button. Only a few creators have access to these features right now and currently the donations are open for Hope for Paws Fundraiser, which raises funds for animal rescue and recovery. At the moment, YouTube is taking care of all the transaction fees before it makes these features live for all creators.

The beat version of the App lets multiple creators host the same fundraiser and have the cause displayed on their videos at the same time. YouTube is also launching the Super Chat, which basically sends all user donations during a live stream to a nonprofit picked by the creator.

Some of the YouTubers are already engaged in charity efforts through GoFundMe and similar sites. So, YouTube is making sure to add more functions to it’s platform and help creators do everything without having to rely on other services.

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