Spotify Lite Launched On The Play Store

Lite apps have become a trend these days that include many of the Google Apps, Facebook, Instagram and now Spotify is following the same path. Spotify Lite comes under 5MB which means it is the best option for devices with minimal storage.

The App is not yet widely available and is being tested in its Beta phase in select countries which doesn’t include the US. The app is decent enough to use and the design is pretty similar to the standard app, but it does feature a redesigned “Now Playing” screen, different search UI, and even a tool for controlling mobile data usage. You can keep track of your usage, and even set monthly limits for the amount of data you’re using.

There are a few features missing in Spotify Lite like the Library section, as well as options for adjusting audio quality and Spotify Connect but if you are someone who uses a device low on storage, it is the best option to try.