Metal Gear – A Series Ending In Disaster And Shame

Metal Gear – The End Of An Era

Metal Gear is a series that has been running for two decades. The first game, released in the 80s, was a revolution. Created and designed by Hideo Kojima, it was a game that defied all expectations simply by introducing the notion of stealth into an action action. The player was required to avoid enemies, as possessed to actively trying to destroy them.

This game design was packaged into the idea that the player was a spy infiltrating an enemy stronghold. And, with the game immediately gaining a following, many more Metal Gear games soon followed. So many, in fact, that series lives as one of the longest running in video game history. At least until recent developments, which all but sealed the death sentence for this well loved franchise.

Hideo Kojima Leaves Konami

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was a game with a long and troubled development history. Over the creation of the game rumours were rife that Hideo Kojima was not seeing eye to eye with Konami, the publishers of the game. It was heard that Kojima was running well over the established budget, racking up immense costs in creating the game he envisioned.

The situation is well known in the video game industry. Games are not cheap, or quick to develop, and budgets constraints are often not met. In the case of Kojima and Metal Gear Solid 5, however, it seemed that costs were simply spiralling out of control in a way that was making Konami anxious.

Hence, shortly before the game was released it was announced that Kojima and Konami were parting ways. Many fans were deeply disappointed, although it was reported that a new Metal Gear game was being made, without its creator and long time director Hideo Kojima.

Metal Gear Survive – A Definitive End

Kojima quickly moved on to another project, without his long time business partners Konami. Given that fans all but flocked to support him, it was quickly concluded that Kojima would do fine, despite not working on a Metal Gear game- or any other popular genre like that of the bingo Canada has to offer.

In the meantime Metal Gear Survive was released. Made by the remaining creators at Konami, the game was not anticipated, with gamers being aware that Kojima was no longer at the helm of the development. Upon release the game was largely met with a cold shrug from critics and gamers alike. Lacking the deep, creative spark seen in other Metal Gear games, Survive failed to get interest, and sold poorly.

At present, there is no word as to whether the Metal Gear franchise will receive any further instalments, but speculation is rife that Konami will officially end the long running franchise. This is certainly a major low for a franchise that has run since the 80s, and continues to have millions of fans.

Kojima, on the other hand, is deep into development for is new game Death Stranding. Fans wait in anticipation to see what Kojima will create now that he is no longer beholden to Konami.