Top 5 Features Of The New iOS 12

Apple had announced the newest version of iOS 12 at the WWDC keynote event this week. We got to see many key changes in the overall performance and also the addition of new Apps integrated within the iOS. Apple says the iOS 12 will be available for free to all the iPhone and iPad users by the end of 2018. Today we take a look at the top 5 features on the iOS 12 that you should know about:

Improved performance

Any smartphone would fail to compete without having a solid hardware and software configuration. Apple says the iOS 12 will be ‘doubling down’ on performance where Apps would launch 40% faster than iOs 11 and all the tasks on iPhones and iPads would be faster and more responsive. The company says the idea behind the fast processing is that it does this by detecting when you need increased performance and pushing the processor inside your phone or iPad to focus on that task.

Personalised emoji called Memoji

Apple had earlier gone ahead with a spinoff version of the animated emoji called ‘Memoji’ on this iPhone X and now it has announced to bring this update to all the users on iOS 12. The Memoji is basically a 3D version of yourself that can move based on your facial expressions. It will let you choose the hairstyle, skin color, freckles, eye color, glasses and more. All of this will be housed under the Messages Application where you will be able to snap pictures of yourself and add custom text and backgrounds.

Group Calling on FaceTime

iOS 12 would finally support the group calling feature on FaceTime. This will give you the ability to add upto 32 people into a single Facetime call. This update will be integrated into the Messages so you can you can turn a group chat chain right into a group video chat. When someone speaks, their tile gets larger automatically. A double tap on any person in the call brings them front and center. FaceTime group chat will also support Filters, stickers and other effects.

Augmented Reality

AR was made famous by the game Pokemon Go and Apple also followed the lead by introducing AR in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X last year. The AR technology allows Apps to superimpose computer-generated images on top of a real-time screen of the real world. At the event, Apple showed the demonstration for the Fender shopping site. With AR, one can bring the guitar magically in front of you as if it exists in your living room. The ARkit 2 was also announced at the event, which lets multiple users interact with augmented reality at the same time.

An App for Measurements

Well, there are many iOS apps for taking measurements made by Developers in the past but recently Apple has included an App for measurements for the first time inside the iOS 12. It makes use of AR. Measure app lets you measure the distance between two objects, lines along surfaces and more. For example, instead of relying on measuring tape you can just use your phone to check the dimensions of something.