Snapchat Promises That New Snap Kit Won’t Affect User Data

Snapchat had recently announced a developer platform for third-party Apps. The redesign of the App may not have gone well with the users, still Snapchat is trying to make itself better in newer ways.

The developer platform called Snap Kit lets other apps used Snapchat features, including stickers and Bitmoji. It also turns Snap into an authentication tool app makers can embed in their own apps to let people easily log in, similar to the way many apps let you use your Facebook username and password to gain entry.

This kit brings it own privacy concerns for the users and how safe will it eventually be. Talking about this, Snap’s deputy general counsel said “We definitely followed the Cambridge Analytica scandal really closely and carefully, as we do all such events in this space as they impact us. But our approach to privacy and our principles are firmly embedded in the way we design products, and the way we’ve been developing this toolkit has had that approach all along.”

You can find more details on this news here.

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