Newsvoice – A Credible And Personalized News App For iOS And Android

We are surrounded by media every single day and while we many have our own choice of news sources, there is hardly any credibility to the news that we read. Newsvoice App promises to bring completely unfiltered content on politics, world news, cryptocurrency, technology and business to the people. The developers of this App think that it is important to have a platform that can deliver news based on people’s interests, discarding all the fake and unbiased content. Anyone can read on the current affairs and trending stories with just a click.

Features and Content:

The App offers multiple tabs for the readers to access. Once you open the App, the screen shows you mixed news which can be changed based on interest to World, U.S., Politics, Tech, Business. The tabs next to news are Saved, Goals, About and Settings. The readers can save any article they like and can read them later easily under the Saved tab. The Goals tab is interesting which keeps the readers involved in upvoting and reading more stories. The Settings tab helps you keep a mix of all the content combined on your feed, which can be really handy for many.

Design and Appearance:

Overall appearance of the application is quite decent, light and minimal. The interface is also very smooth as it easily guides the user throughout the application with no confusion. You can also volunteer to add your own news quickly from the top right of the page, which is pretty neat.

Final Verdict :

We found it way better than many of the news app and the only thing missing is the Sports and Entertainment section. Maybe they have not included on purpose, still it makes up with great content and engages the user to read more about many ongoing and relevant topics. Overall, it is the simplicity of the app which makes it stand out and deliver on a global level. Best part is it’s a free App for everyone to use and share among family and friends.

This App is available for download on iOS and Android.