Movavi PDF Editor For Mac – A Smart App To Manage Your PDF Files

The new PDF Editor for Mac from Movavi promises to be a great pdf editing tool for users of any requirement. The company is also popular for it’s video editing software and this time around it has come up with a professional PDF software. Though the focus is more on editing, it also supports PDF viewing, sharing, merging files, etc.

The App gives users additional and better features compared to the free PDF editor softwares. You can read standard PDF documents like text documents, articles, forms and booklets on your Mac. You can also switch between the tabs and browse the open documents. The image formats supported are PNG, JPG which can be quickly added to the PDF pages and you have the freedom to edit the size of the images, their orientation and position on a page.

When it comes to editing, File Merging And Page Export are handy features. With File Merging, you can import any file from Word, Excel, Photoshop, or AutoCAD. Then you can combine these files easily in this PDF editor. If you have any hard copy/document that needs to be edited, simply scan the document to digitize it and import it into the PDF editor which too can be merged. With Page Export, you will get to save individual PDF pages from larger documents as standalone PDFs. Best part is you can save images as PDF pages and vice versa.

Apart from these features, the ones that are impressive are the ‘Rotate’ and ‘Split’ functions. Well there are online sites for quickly rotating your pictures and files, but the Rotate option in this software helps you do that without no risk of piracy, unauthorized copying, access, use, or distribution of your personal data. Talking about the Split function, it gives you the flexibility to cut, join, and rearrange individual pages. Similarly with this feature, the files are also safer and has less chances of being stolen compared to online websites.

Final Verdict – This is a fantastic PDF manager for Mac which not only gives you incredible features but also keeps your important files safe from any harm. It’s very versatile and considering PDF files, this is the best PDF experience you will have. We give it a 10/10 rating.