One Plus Limited Edition Avengers Phone Sells Out In 30 Seconds

OnePlus has been making a mark with its phone sales since December 2014. What started with the OnePlus One at a price tag of Rs. 21,999, the crowd became more than excited as to what was next from this flagship company. Fans were eagerly waiting to buy the OnePlus Marvel Avenger Edition from Amazon and the next thing we know is the entire stock was sold out in 30 seconds.

During the sale, OnePlus announced that the buyers will also get a chance to win an all-expenses-paid adventure trip to Dubai. It is no surprise that OnePlus managed to sell the phone in 30 seconds inspite of the hefty price tag, mainly because of the rapport they have build with the customers over these years.

The OnePlus 6 X Avengers Edition comes at a price tag of Rs. 44,999 which is higher than the OnePlus 6 which sells for Rs. 34,999.

One Plus spokesperson said:

We are excited by the thumping response to OnePlus 6 X Marvel Avengers Limited Edition. The device went out of stock in under 30 seconds of going live on To make it more special for these customers, we now invite them to team up and collect all six OnePlus — Avengers medallions and get a chance to win the OnePlus Infinity Medal Challenge.