iPhone’s Online Sales Are Running High In China

Based on a report in the Counterpoint, China is bringing good news for Apple with leading online sale of iPhones. The analysts claim the iPhone market in China to be as big as Europe, with almost 21% growth in the region.

The most popular smartphone iPhone X took the 3rd place while the iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8 took the first and the third place. The other brands like Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo were seen on the lower end of the spectrum.

Apple CEO Tim Cook added:

iPhone X was the most popular smartphone in all of China last quarter. And so iPhone X has done well there. More broadly on the iPhone, the iPhone was the top three selling phones in China. And so it’s iPhone X was number one, but we had several in the top.

The report also added that usually during a new product launch there is higher online activity on apple.com/cn