EaseUS Data Recovery For Mac – Provides Quick Recovery Of Your Lost Data

Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is a fantastic recovery software designed by EaseUS. Whether you have lost all your data by mistake such as your Mac crashed or your data got corrupted or maybe all of your files got erased/trashed, this App will make sure you get it all back in a flash. This App is trusted by many users and it can help you recover those photos, videos, audio files and your important documents without much hassle.

Content and Features

Ease US has developed an excellent recovery software for Mac. The features are solid and give the users option to recover deleted data within minutes. You just have to hit a few clicks and the software will do the rest for you and it clearly mentions that no prior experience of recovery is required which is great. There are two scanning modes – Deep Scan which will use deep recovery algorithm that will scan files from the core of your computer and Quick Scan which will scan your files and folders as fast as possible. The Mac data recovery supports over 200 file formats for every kind of files or documents that are deleted or formatted on your Mac.

Display and Appearance

Data Recovery Wizard is extremely easy to set up and can be done by anyone. The set-up wizard is simple and explains each step. You begin with choosing the media you want to recover the data from, the volume, the recovery scenario, and finally you confirm your selection. In the final step the list of recoverable files are displayed from which you can save the ones you’re interested in.

The software comes in three different pricing option for Mac depending on your requirement:

Final Verdict

It’s a free tool to download for Mac users who want to give it a try before paying for the full version. Overall, we think the software looks great and it is safe to use on your Mac. It gets the job done instantly without wasting your valuable time and you can access the lost data whenever you want.

You can download the App here.