An Amazing Strategy War Game – War Of Colony

War of Colony is a massive multiplayer online strategy game which has been developed by kkwan. This game is much better than the usual strategy games and it offers a lot of possible approaches to build your colonies. The game is all about creating your army and training them to win battles, which can lead to invading more colonies that belong to the other players. The rewards for battles are great and the gameplay looks top-notch.

Content and Features

War of Colony offers hours of continuous gameplay and you will always have something new on the plate whenever you log-in into the game. The game revolves around the colonial era and the territorial wars that used to happen during this period. When you start the game, you have your small colony and army which you gradually build up as the game progresses. As you reach a certain level, you can form alliance with friends and other players to take on the battles, win them and confiscate loads of resources. These resources are necessary for you to build a massive army and make them strong, which gives you a higher chance of success in battles. Along the way, you also get to upgrade barracks, castles and technologies to improve the overall defence of your base.

Display and Appearance

The game is extremely well designed, it looks and feels like a completely proper new age high definition strategy game. The controls are easily visible and starting of with soldiers and training them to be the very best is straightforward. Everything is well aligned and well positioned. The characters are real life like but once you get into the gameplay there are too many buttons all across the screen and too many upgrades that are possible which make things extremely complicated. Graphics are well designed but the addition of so many features is a little confusing. Design-wise everything looks perfect and not many changes are needed.

Final Verdict

The game is really good and the developers have put in a lot of time and effort to create it. Though the gameplay looks kind of complicated with many features, the visuals and graphics are superb and keeps the players engaged. If you enjoy playing Age of Empires, this a game which you will surely enjoy.

You can download this game on Google Play Store and App Store.