How to Watch Your Favorite Old Movies on iPad

MP4 is one of the most common formats for recording both audio and video. It is supported and thus can be played by iPod, iPhone, Sony PSP, and many other devices. Also, the MP4 is great for backing up DVD movies, because it allows you to get a small file in which the video quality stays on top.

Today, almost all modern TVs support the option to connect USB devices to play photos and video from them, without the need to connect the old DVD player. Admit it, to play a file from a flash drive or an external hard drive is much more convenient! However, it’s not always possible for the TV to read all the video formats. So that’s where you might face some difficulties. For example, recently I had to watch a DVD, and I could not do it, because you can’t play DVD-video format from a TV, you can only use ordinary video formats, for example, MP4, AVI, 3GP, and others. Connecting a DVD is not an option; it may take too much time. And there is no guarantee that the disc will play fine.

There are special programs for converting video to another extension, the right format. That’s the way I chose. In this post, I will tell you about free Freemake Video Converter, which allows you to convert almost any video into practically any of the modern video formats.

Why did I choose Freemake Video Converter for video conversion?

In fact, earlier I had to convert video just a couple of times during all my experience with computers. And, of course, I do not even remember what programs I used then, maybe some paid versions. And this time to solve the problem I had to search the Net for a suitable free program. I don’t use hacked versions of paid programs since 99% of all programs have free alternatives. While looking, I found five different programs. Some of them seem to be fine, but there was no option to convert DVD video to any of the usual formats, for example, MP4. The rest of the programs either did not have any conversion settings or were paid. As a result, I stopped at Freemake Video Converter, because this program is free, it can convert any non-protected video in any format (including conversion from DVD format). Besides that, it has all the necessary quality settings for great output.

I do not advertise this product in any way, but I just show it as an example, which you can also use. Or you can use any other programs that are convenient for you to convert DVD to MP4.

Download and Install the Program

You can download the program from the official website

On the download page, click the Freemake Video Converter link. Then click on “Download” on the next page.

Now start the downloaded file and run the installation of the program.

The process is standard; there is nothing special about it. You don’t need to configure anything. Just select the folder where you want to install the program. And clock the “Next” button all the time.

Convert video

Start the software when the installation is completed. The interface of the program is extremely simple and setting up the conversion will take just a few minutes. In fact, the program does not even need to be set up! You take it and immediately convert your files without having to deal with a heap of various settings, as it often happens with any other programs.

At the top of the program, you click a button with a type of file that you will convert, i.e., video, audio, photo, DVD-video or online. At the bottom, select the format in which you will convert the original data.

Conversion of the photo is a creation of a video slideshow.

The function “Insert URL” allows you to insert a link to some video from the Internet (for example, from YouTube) and convert it to the format you need, then saving to the computer.

I will show the process of converting a DVD video to MP4.

To do it, select “DVD” at the top panel of the program. Select DVD files that you need to encode in MP4.

Normally, all DVD files are in the VIDEO_TS folder.

The selected video will be added to the program window. Click on the preview and editing button to view your video through the player built into the program. Here you can also make simple edits, for example, cut out some parts of the video or rotate it.

Of course, it is not necessary. Now you need to choose a new format, in which the video will be converted. As I have already mentioned, I will convert my DVD to MP4. Using the arrows, you can scroll through the list of formats. Choose “MP4”.

Of course, you can convert your DVD to any other format you need, I just show an example. But MP4 is, perhaps, the most popular and supported format.

As soon as you select a format, a new window will open. Here you can configure the conversion settings.

You might select one of the predefined parameter templates or open detailed settings and manually set the size of the final video, its quality and sound settings.

I recommend that you keep the “Original parameters” template because this template takes all the settings from the original video. It means you will get a video with the same picture and sound quality.

Select a folder on your computer to which the converted video will be automatically saved. If you want to export the ready video to iTunes, mark a corresponding option.

To start the conversion process, click the “Convert” button.

The conversion process will start, and it can take from a few minutes to an hour or more. It all depends on the length of your original video and your PC hardware capacity.

While the video is being converted, the program consumes a lot of resources of your computer, i.e., it takes up a lot of RAM and heavily loads the processor. As a result, weak computers might freeze while converting. But you can always put the conversion on pause or completely cancel it with the appropriate buttons if the computer is needed for other tasks.

After the conversion is completed, you will receive a window with a notification message.

You can find the finished video file in MP4 in the folder that you set before starting the conversion. Or you can start iTunes and find your new files there.

To transfer the files to iPad, simply connect it to your PC and sync it with iTunes. When the process finishes, check your iPad default video player for the new files.

That’s all!

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about all this process. If you need to convert DVD to MP4 or any other format simply repeat the guide step-by-step. If you found it useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your mates.