The Giant iPod Building In Dubai Looks Like An Apple Fan’s Dream

Yes, you heard that right. If you are an avid fan of Apple, you sure will be excited to read this and know what exactly is this iPod building in Dubai. It’s actually designed by architect named James Law who is from Hong Kong. You can surely take a trip to Dubai and visit this wonderful place provided you can afford it.

The design of the building looks likes an iPod is sitting on a dock. There are luxurious high-tech apartments inside with smart features like virtual reality wall with changing locations, and bathrooms with assorted health-tracking devices, designed to monitor your weight, blood pressure, internal temperature, and assorted other metrics.

While talking about the building, the architect James Law said “We wanted the buidling to match an iOS device by having software inside that helps you curate the enjoyment of your life, your music, your photos.”