More Expected From Mobile Apps In 2018

Mobile apps have been huge for a few years now, but they seem to grow, not only in popularity, but importance too. 2017 was the biggest year for apps yet, and 2018 is set to be even bigger, with companies now adopting a mobile first mindset. Nowadays, everyone does everything that they need to do using apps on their smartphone and in what is fast becoming a mobile-first world, we should expect more from apps over the course of the year.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

When people are using apps and they click links or through various pages, they expect everything to load instantly. If this isn’t the case, a business could easily lose customers to their rivals, so it’s imperative that they get this right. With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) they can, as it not only brings faster speeds but increased engagement and enjoyment too. More and more businesses are expected to apply AMP in 2018 for these very reasons.

Mobile Payments

We live in a world that is fast becoming cashless, with the majority of transactions now taking place in the online world. You could say it was to be expected when people started doing their banking online rather than in person, and apps such as Google Pay and Apple Pay are expected to have another big year. Paying via smartphone is not only secure, it’s extremely convenient, and more people are expected to start paying for goods and services in this way.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, or AR as it’s often referred to as, is one of the latest bits of technology to hit the mainstream. It exploded onto the scene when Niantic put it to good use in their extremely popular mobile game Pokémon Go, but the possibilities really are endless. More businesses are now taking note of AR and integrating it into their own apps. We’ve already seen apps such as IKEA Place take off, with the technology being perfect for both business apps and games too.

On Demand

One of the big advantages that apps provide for the user is that they make daily life a lot easier, and a lot more convenient. This has seen the development of what are known as “on-demand apps.” There are already various apps out there for taxi companies and food delivery services, and they’ve been a huge success. 2018 is set to be the year that even more businesses turn to developing their own on-demand apps, as they recognise in a few years’ time, this will be the way consumers pay for services etc.

Cloud-based Apps

Most people will have heard of Cloud technology by now, with many having stored data on it. The Cloud is now having an impact when it comes to apps too, and it is hugely beneficial to both the developer and the user. For developers it helps to reduce costs, while increasing storage capacity and productivity. Users benefit from less of their internal memory being taken up, as well as having the opportunity to access what they would do on their smartphone app on other platforms too. It’s technology that is growing at a rapid rate, with 2018 set to be another big year for cloud-based apps.