Analyst Predicts That The 2018 iPhone Will Gather 350M Sales Globally

Analyst named Daniel Ives has predicted that there will be massive increase in sales of the new iPhone 2018 of upto 350M units and he added that “A massive iPhone upgrade opportunity in the making.”

This new iPhone may sell for $700-800, making it affordable for those who cannot afford to buy iPhone X. The analyst further added this:

The new phones will help capture the underlying demand [for] upgrades among customers that have decided to bypass the … cycle this time around, with price points and features that catalyze fence-sitting iPhone customers onto their next smartphone. There about 100 million iPhone customers in China, and about 60 million to 70 million of them are due for an upgrade over the next 18 months.

He also claims that that there will be substantially greater upgrade potential for the iPhone in the following year after its launch. The iPhone X has been hugely successful but what Apple is doing here is to attract more buyer for a lesser expensive and trendy smartphone.