New Gadgets Find Their Way With The Best Technology

Fitness Gadgets

This new gadget is great for fitness enthusiasts. Wireless earbuds are truly wireless and are a development of Bose SoundSport Free. These earbuds are light and water resistant with a comfortable fit. They also have 5 hours of battery life with an extra 10 hours of music via the battery bundle case. Users will also have access to the mobile app where they can customise their wireless earbud experience.

Wearables have become a big part of today’s generation and the Fitbit Iconic Smartwatch is a must for health and fitness enthusiasts. The smartwatch has a heart-rate monitor and a GPS and can even help users with their fitness workouts. It is completely waterproof, so swimmers never have to be without their Fitbit. There is an app that can be installed onto the watch and users can even use it to make payments and stay connected to their smartphones via notifications. It also has a range of different colour bands.


For gamers the Nintendo Switch is a must have. The Switch can be a mobile device and a home entertainment console by plugging it into a docking station. It comes with Joy-Con controllers and a good selection of new and exciting games. The Switch also comes with a range of new accessories and offers entertainment as good as playing at an online gambling casino.


Apple has come out with the Prynt Pocket, and this new innovation transforms an iPhone into a camera which can take 2 by 3 inch prints and prints them on zero ink paper. The camera is compatible with any of the iPhone 6’s and further up. It comes with user friendly camera controls and an app where users can edit their photos before printing them. It also uses augmented reality which lets users embed video in their photos and these video clips will play when the iPhone is held over the photos. The Prynt Pocket is available in grey, graphite, lavender and mint green.


For avid readers the new Kindle Oasis from Amazon offers readers a sharp reading display and the option to adjust lighting. The Kindle is light, but well made and has Wi-Fi connectivity. Users can store thousands of books and the battery life is excellent and can last for many weeks before it needs a recharge. The Kindle is also completely waterproof so avid readers can take their hobby anywhere.

Key Locator

Key finders are a great way to save time and stress. The Tile Sport is a well-built, waterproof key finder and has a range of 175 feet. It works with Bluetooth and comes with an intuitive app, a really loud alarm and finding keys in a crowd is no problem for the Tile. No matter where the keys are the Tile stays connected to them and a ring will let users know their location. The Tile also has a function that when it is double pressed the smartphone will ring even if it’s on silent.


Charging stations make life easier and less cluttered and the Skiva USB charging station is one of the best. It has 7 USB ports and the slots are wide enough for tablets and smartphones and each port has an output of 2.4 amps which means quicker charging. The Skiva also comes with a safety feature which means no overcharging is possible.

New tech gadgets for 2018 are exciting and very functional and even for those not tech orientated there is a gadget that has been designed to make their lives easier and more functional leaving time for more important things.