The Spendings of US iPhone Users On Apps Rose by 23% in 2017

iPhone users in the Untited States have reportedly spent more money for In-App services in the year 2017 compared to the year before. The expenditure of these users per active iPhone rocketed to $58 last year compared to $47 in 2016.

This increase on spendings reflects the revenue earned by entertainment app like Netflix and dating App like Tinder. The statistics show that these people are willing to purchase more maybe because of the media hype these days or they actually want to get the best possible services from a particular App. Also, a majority of these Apps are available for free downloads including games which contribute to the overall consumer expenditure.

Games were the largest category of consumers spending in 2017, accounting for roughly $36 of the $58 spent per device.This accounts to a 13 percent increase over 2016’s $32 spent.

Apart from Games, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, etc grew 57 percent year-over-year to reach $4.40 in consumer spending per device making it second on the list of top spending. Music streaming services are also catching up on this wave, with 8 percent spending year-over-year to $4.10. The listeners are paying for subscriptions in premium music apps like Spotify or Pandora.

The Entertainment and Social Networking categories also saw significant growth over the previous year to $4.40 and $3.60 per device.