Snapchat Adds Snappables, A New AR Gaming Experience For Its Users

Many of the Snapchat users were in for a surprise with the new update for the App. The company has added ‘Snappables’ which is basically a new way to play AR based games with your friends. You can make faces and control the game characters and also compete with your friends using Lenses.

Snapchat users can access this feature on the App just how they access the Lenses and search for the filters. Only difference is instead of swiping to the right, you will be swiping to the left for the games.

Talking about Snappables, Snapchat said “This will include games that let you fight aliens, start a rock band, play basketball, and more.” Snappables will work on touch, motion and facial expressions and you can invite and play multiplayer games with your friends.

You can check out this video below:

This news was reported via 9to5Mac.